Bring the Wallpaper Back!

wallpaper1I remember when wallpaper was all the rage about ten years ago and I wallpapered every nook and cranny in my last home.  Then I got tired of wallpaper and removed it all!  Well, it’s back in today’s style and you see it popping up in every room with beautiful patterns from modern to floral.  The one thing I never liked about wallpaper was the sticky, wet, dripping mess of hanging it.  Since I’m a bit A LOT OCD and do not like drippy messes, old school wallpaper days made me almost twitch.  So when Tempaper asked me if I wanted to try out their self adhesive wallpaper, I got so excited to bring the wallpaper back!!  Clean, easy, no drips….that’s my kind of wallpaper!

tempaper wallpaper3

This is the bathroom that we recently added in our basement renovation.  If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram since March, you know that we’ve been working on this renovation for a long time.  There are no windows in the bathroom and obviously I had to turn off the power to the sconces so I wouldn’t electrocute myself.  So that leaves me with no other option than to work in a dark, shadowy room lit by this one single lamp.  See, not all the photos are “picture perfect!” This is reality friends!  When the sconces are back up and I can take better photos, you’ll see this room in a whole different light! Ha!

tempaper wallpaper2

I definitely recommend having two people on this task.  I tackled it by myself, but it would have been easier with another set of hands!  My boys were home from school today and I called in their little helping hands once or twice.  Okay, so at one point I messed up with positioning the paper and I had to tell the boys to hurry and run upstairs before they heard their mom blurt out a few not so kid friendly words!  At least I warned them!  I resolved the issue with the paper, and believe me, the paper was not the problem.  This is my first time ever hanging paper {my hubby has always done it for me} so I’m learning as I go along. But so far, Tempaper is super easy to hang!

tempaper wallpaper4

I did a poll on Instagram when I was deciding between two Tempaper options.  I have to say I love my Instagram community of design minded people who can help a girl out who has a serious case of DMD {decision making disorder}.  It’s for real!  So many good options that choosing one is next to impossible for me!  Anyways when one of my all time favorite bloggers, Dear Lillie, commented and voted for this “Branches Black & White” I had to go with her choice!

temper wallpaper 5 temper wallpaper 6 temper wallpaper 7

And that’s about as far as I got before I had to take off to a football game for my son.  I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  I’m loving the transformation already in this dull grey bathroom.  I especially love the toilet paper sitting on the toilet and my plastic pumpkin hanging out next to it.  Way to accessorize, right?! Don’t worry, the next time you see this bathroom, the TP will be in it’s right spot {out of site!} and you’ll get to see the amazing transformation this wallpaper made!  I’ll also give you some helpful tips on hanging Tempaper wallpaper too!


  1. Absolutely love the pattern you chose Shauna!! And as always I can’t wait to see the finished product! You inspire me to do more DIY myself. It’s going to be so lovely 😉

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