Bye Bye Living Room Drapes

Do you ever wake up some mornings and walk into a room and feel an overwhelming need to change something or redesign?? NO? Well, that’s me on a weekly basis (Sigh!).  That is what happened in my living room.  I had a new idea for my living room drapes!

Living Room Windows15

photo {this image} courtesy: Jennifer Wyeth Photography

This room has 24 foot ceilings and windows that soar to the top.  When we moved into our new home five years ago, I wanted drapes hung ASAP.  That was when I sewed all of my drapes.  I wouldn’t say I was a professional seamstress by any means but it was pretty easy to sew a lining to a beautiful fabric, fold over the edges, add a topper and wha la!  Okay, well these 24 foot drapes were like shoving miles of fabric through my little Kenmore sewing machine all the while breaking a few needles.  Let’s just say I basically retired my little dependable machine after this big undertaking.  Seam tape is a wonderful invention friends!!

Living Room Windows11Yes they add warmth to this large space and yes they are pretty, BUT…they no longer fit the look I want in here.  I need light, bright and airy!  I crave this throughout my home and have been working to achieve this room by room.  My first thought was to replace these dark, heavy drapes with a light fabric, maybe even white.  Suddenly I realized this would require me to dig out that sewing machine that I’m pretty sure has a few cob webs on it by now, or did I sell it on Craigslist? Most likely the latter (hehe!).  To have custom drapes made would cost a fortune, let alone the cost of gazillion yards of fabric.  I just needed to take a step and get the drapes down.  My hubby was absolutely thrilled….so happy to climb that big ladder!

Living Room Windows12

Living Room Windows13And down they came and thank you Jesus he didn’t fall and break his neck or crash through those windows!  He really loves me.

Living Room Windows14

Living Room Windows7A blank slate once again.  It’s funny how design evolves.  Five years ago I would have said this wall of windows looked bare and sad, but now I see clean lines and that airy feel I so wanted and craved!

Living Room Windows 6

Living Room WindowsLiving Room Windows8Living Room Windows10Living Room Windows9Living Room Windows3I would love to add some board and batten on this wall to really accentuate the windows.  Just look at some of these gorgeous rooms I’ve found on Pinterest…

Pinterest Window Visual


Pinterest Window Visual2


Simple trim around the windows makes for a stunning impact in these two-story living room spaces.  I almost feel like the drapery would take away from the beauty in the simplicity.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some gorgeous fabric and I am drawn to this pop of color framing the windows!  How it ties in perfectly with the drum shade chandelier to club chair and pillows.

Pinterest Window Visual3


ahhh!  Decisions Decisions!  For now, I’m taking some time to live with the blank wall and let the next step of design cultivate in my mind.  I’m leaning toward the all white wall of board and batten and have gone as far as contacting my trim guy for the job.  I’ll be posting the update when this space gets it’s transformation.  Will it be fresh, new drapes or board and batten…..

Revere Pewter swatch

My paint:  Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore HC-172





  1. I think your drapes are great and they tie in with the color of the stone on the fireplace and opening as well as the burlap/ linen shade on the floor lamp. I would change out the fabric of the topper or do without it altogether but I like your drapes there.

    1. Hi Kristin,
      Thank you for you input! It is a beautiful fabric, I can hang on to them in case I ever change my mind! In my home, style changes constantly and these have been in place for a record breaking five years…ha ha!

  2. Hi Shauna!! I love seeing this space and all of the clean lines but I do have to say that I like the drapes myself (like the first commenter)! I would definitely get new fabric but do something simple and light like the pic with the zebra ottoman. I just went through 2 sets of drapes in my living area and have arrived at white and think I will stay here so that I can switch my pillows out even quarterly if I want to get a new look without having to worry with making sure the drapes blend with my new fabric choices for pillows! I have to say though that I absolutely love this space and whatever you do I know it will look amazing!! Love your beautiful home!!

    1. Bree,
      I’m just trying to wrap my mind around sewing again! LOL! You know it won’t be long until I get it figured out and the new look is set! Thanks for your sweet reply!

  3. Yep, know the struggle! I keep going back and forth in our living room too! My hubby likes the bare, open, no-drapery window…and I do too…BUT, love adding that pop of color or pattern for the design aesthetic! If I had the two-story wall of windows like yours, I know I’d be chomping at the bit to keep the open, airy look and add the board and batten!! I can almost see it now!! Hey, you can always change it later, right?! ????????. Love this gorgeous room soooo much!! ????????

    1. Debi!
      Board and Batten is always a winner right?? Honestly, my bare wall of no drapes is such a breath of fresh air for me! Who knows how long it’ll stay bare! I’m just loving the open feeling and gorgeous open views to the mountains!

  4. Shauna,
    I totally understand your dilemma. I live in Palmer Lake and have a wall of windows. I never tire of looking out at the Colorado sunshine, and having it come into the house. Love the board and batten idea! I am new to your blog and love your home and design process. I am going through older posts and catching up. Thanks so much for sharing your home.

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