Elegant Holiday Tablescape


Hi friends! When I was asked by Bed Bath & Beyond to create a holiday tablescape I instantly said “YES!” They have absolutely everything needed to create the perfect Elegant Holiday Tablescape. Most often when we have family gatherings for dinner, my table is pretty simple.  However, every once in a while I like to glam it up a bit for the adults only dinner.  Kind of like how when I’m with the boys, I wear my favorite old pair of jeans and flip flops, super casual. But when I’m going on a date night with the hubs I’ll dust off the stilettos and little black dress.  I wanted this tablescape to have that “little black dress” feel.

The first layer of the tablescape is this beautiful white linen tablecloth from Wamsutta that is stain resistant and wipes clean easily.  Yes Please! That’s the only kind of table cloth I’ll ever use!  Already it gives the black tie look to my table.


I like to use non-traditional placemats as well.  These black on black satin stripe napkins gave me the perfect square look with just a little draping over the edge.  With the base set of white tablecloth and black “placemats,”  I didn’t need to add much to the center of the table other than this gorgeous garland I had on hand.  I found these mini string battery operated LED lights in the Christmas section and knew they would add that glowing ambiance. They even have a twinkle setting too.


I added a few gold tapers for setting the mood. You can never can go wrong with GOLD in my opinion!





I have been wanting square plates for a long time and was so happy to see that they carried them!  These Fitz & Floyd plates are great quality and heavy. Durable enough to use daily which I plan to do. They sure do dress up nicely though for this fancier display, don’t you think? Once I found the plates, the rest of the tablescape was based around them. The flatware is another treasure that has a delicate gold beaded lining.  The fact that they are dishwasher safe is a huge bonus!



I saw these little 5″ quiche dishes and loved their petite style.  Having a little “snack” of some sort on the table before the feast is served is a thoughtful gesture to guests.  I would never be successful at baking a quiche nor would I put my guests through that torture, so fresh fruit it is!  When creating your tablescape, think outside the box and get creative with fun little dishes.


I think of a black tuxedo when I see these napkins. They feel like a tuxedo. Also stain resistant and doesn’t require dry cleaning…love that!



I love everything gold, black and white. Of course I always have to throw in my pops of color, in this case I used fruit to do the job.


Elegant Holiday Tablescape

Add a festive drink to your table!  I LOVE these silver mint julep beverage cups!  They are so pretty and the stainless steel chills the mint julep perfectly. What’s a mint julep you ask? I didn’t know either so here is the recipe that actually comes on the box of these cups:


Sounds delicious in a minty/bourbon kind of way doesn’t it? Want to know something funny? I sent my hubs to the store to get me some basil leaves for this drink…BASIL?? When he got back home with the basil {ahem} and I started cutting it for the drink I then realized that I had a complete blonde moment {happens all the time} but there was no way he was going back out.  I fully plan on getting that mint and making my mint julep because it looks so good!!





Creating tablescapes has become one of my favorite designs to play around with.  Finding everything I needed was so easy at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I love their quality and affordability.  Now that the table is set, I’m ready to entertain my guests! Cheers!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions and words are my own.









  1. Vix! Your table is on fleek! We may just have to get together and have mint Juleps and Moscow mules! If we hate them, we can head to the bar and go for the wine. Stunning my friend- I love he touch with the berries xo

  2. Love it all, Shauna!! As always, your photos never disappoint! That drink sounds so refreshing- I’m dying over the basil! Nice work! Lol! You and Kelley knocked your BBB tablescapes out of the park!!!

    1. Haneen, you come on over and I’ll make you a “basil” mint julep drink…HaHa! I’m pretty blonde and the first to admit it! Thank you for the compliment on the photography! It’s definitely the hardest thing about blogging! I loved your BB&B tablescape too! Those milk bottles were too cute!

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