Making The Mouse Hole Grand


Making the mouse hole grand…what does that mean?  When we first moved into our home 6 years ago we knew right away a few things we wanted to change.  That tiny little entryway into our master bedroom looked like a mouse hole in comparison to the wall that sores to 24 ft.  We needed to make it look GRAND!

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Adding columns and crown molding around the entryway gave the little opening a whole new WOW factor!


Adding architectural detail to door frames and hallway entrances is one of my favorite design aesthetics to add to our home.  We have eight arched walkways in our home and slowly but surely we’ve been framing each one out for big impact. This is the one thing we do hire out. Trim molding and detailed wood work needs to be precise to look good.  I know my hubs could do it, but he felt confident that a trim carpenter would get it perfectly right. Design details like this are what can set your home apart from the other neighborhood homes that may have the same floorpan and that cookie cutter look. Pinterest has tons of DIY ideas and tutorials on adding columns and casings around entryways.  If you have the skill and the tools, then go for it!!


You may have also noticed that the walls are no longer mustard yellow. Well, that was partly an oops in mixing the paint color from our paint supplier and a BIG oops from me who picked out that paint in the first place!

Mental note:  don’t go on vacation the week your house gets painted, you may come back to a nightmare!

Lesson learned! We lived with that color on our walls for a full year until my hubs got tired of hearing me complain on a daily basis how unhappy I was with it.  I went away on a girl’s trip one weekend and came back to freshly painted walls in Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  6,000 square feet of hand rolling paint…he loves me too much! Paint color is a whole other blog post, I’ll spill all my lessons learned on that one later!


Do you have some little mouse hole openings in your home that need beefed up? I’d love to hear your ideas!



  1. Such a smart thing to do! My parents did this to all of the door ways in their home and it turned out great. Looks amazing and such great advice!!

  2. Looks fantastic! Can I ask what colour white your trim is? I also have Revere Pewter in my home and most of my trim, board and batten etc is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and I find it a bit too creamy and your white is fantastic. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alita! Thank you! My trim paint is actually Swiss Coffee too, but by Kwall. I think every brand has a swiss coffee, lol! I think it is a little creamy too but it’s what we originally put on our interior doors and trim when we built the house, so I had to stay consistent with the shade of white when we started adding the trim and board and batten to the home. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Love your home……. and would like to know where you purchased your black and white artwork above the fireplace?


    1. Hi Karen, the art was purchased from a local design boutique here in Colorado Springs years ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it online to source out for my readers. So sorry! If I ever do find it again I’ll be sure to announce it on Instagram and the blog. Have a great day! 🙂

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