Simple Designer Tips On Creating a Luxe, Elegant Christmas Tree


NOTE: This is how I decorated this tree in our dining room years 2019 and 2020. I’m moving it to a new room this year and excited to show you later on this month! I’ll be using all the same decorations and will keep the look the same. I love it so much!

I have a few simple designer tips to creating this Luxe, Elegant Christmas Tree.  I took an older, non-expensive flocked tree and made it look high end. Even the adornments I decorate it with are budget friendly. The best part about this tree is that it took me less than two hours to set up, fluff and decorate. Can I get a hand clap?!

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Let’s dive in to this flocked beauty and break down the details. Starting with the tree itself. I bought this inexpensive tree from Walmart seven years ago. I searched around for a similar tree at around the same price I originally paid and found this 9 ft prelit flocked tree. If you need a 7 ft tree I think this prelit pine tree is really pretty.

For me the most dreaded task of decorating the tree is unboxing and fluffing it. Last year I got rid of all of our cardboard tree storage boxes and stored our trees upright in this canvas cover bag. I highly recommend doing this if you have a space in your home to store your tree in its upright position. 

Designer Tip // Create that luxe look with ball garland

In the past, I’ve hesitated doing a tutorial on this tree since none of the exact items I have are available anymore. However, I’ve rounded up everything you need to get the look. I know this tree looks like it has a bazillion individual ball ornaments on it but the “secret” is ball garland. I used five strands of ball garland cascading down the tree to give the illusion of clusters of ornaments. I searched high and low for some ball garland options to share with you.

I found this gold ball garland that looks very similar to mine. I love that it is 6 ft long. I also love this silver and black ball garland. I simply hooked the garland around the top and 3/4 top of the tree and allowed it to cascade down.  Our tree is 9 ft for reference.  The garland is actually really light weight and is so easy to work with. Simply “tuck” in place deeper in the branches to create dimension. I also do not decorate the back of the tree, only the angles you actually see. That’s kind of a no brainer.

Designer tip // Extra large ball ornaments add volume and fill in the gaps

I use a mix of 6-8″ ball ornaments. They are shatterproof and lightweight. They are perfect for filling in all the holes and gaps and a great way to dress up a basic tree with a designer look. I found this online option for a ball ornament that is available in extra large sizes (10-12″).  I also recommend checking your local hardware stores that often have the extra large ornaments for indoor/outdoor and typically at a great price. 

Designer Tip // Create the illusion of a tall tree with branches as the tree topper

Ideally I would love a 10 ft tree in this room since we have 12 ft ceilings. I was able to pull of the illusion of a taller tree by adding these gold glitter branches. This is part of the tree you can get really creative and add a lot of layers of branches. My 9 ft tree now looks like it is grander than it actually is.  

And there you have it. I hope these simple designer tips help you create that elegant, luxe Christmas tree in your home.  Check out my round up of items you can use to recreate this look below.

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  1. How pretty is this!!!!! I absolutely love it and whoever would’ve thought to do the garlands instead of individually hang each one of them!! You never fail to amaze me 🤩

  2. I am in the process of building and your home has been such a huge inspiration! This is off the topic of your beautiful Christmas tree, but I have spent hours and hours searching for those hothouse gold cage pendants. I have tried talking myself into other lights but keep coming back to these. The one from World Market appears to be discontinued and the only ones I can find are almost 3k! You don’t happen to know where I might find them? Without spending an arm and a leg?

    1. Hi Rosemarie, I’m so happy our home has inspired you. I wish World Market would bring those gold orb chandeliers back! They are so good and budget friendly. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything similar around the same price.
      Good luck with your new home!

      1. I loved those too and failed to find similar. How about this cool dining light? It’s amazing! You clearly have a gift for spying that perfect focal point! Thanks, your designs and style are beautiful.

  3. Absolutely stunning tree. Definitely going to try your method of decorating with garlands. Thanks for revealing your secret!

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