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I know that many of you love fashion as much as I do, so today I’ve decided to start something new on the blog.  I’m calling it my Sunday Best.  Let me just start this post by saying I loathe selfies. Always fighting the double chin, squinty eye, crooked lip, where do I put my hands dilemma. That explains why I tend to chop my head off in photos. I could fool you thinking I’m glammed up with make up and all, but realistically, I may be sporting going on 8 hour foundation and lips that are way past due for a lipstick touch up. Now that I’ve got that one off my chest, I also have a confession.

Today in church my mind wandered to today’s blog post.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my church and our pastor’s messages always speak right to my heart, but ever so often, my stomach begins to growl and I start thinking about lunch and well…possibly diggin the outfit I chose to wear.  In my reality, most days I live in my favorite workout leggings and a tank top. If I don’t have a meeting or an evening out to dinner, I just don’t bother dressing up in my cute clothes when I pretty much work out of my house. No one sees me there.  Heck, I could work all day in my pj’s if I wanted to.  But on Sundays I love to pull the cute clothes out of my closet and where them.

Our church is super casual and a place where your Sunday best clothes range from three piece suits to jeans and flip flops. No one is judging there, were there for one thing and that is to worship the Lord.

I’m not sure if this will become a weekly Sunday post but I’m working on one day a week where I share what’s in my closet as well as my favorite fashion finds and sales.  I’d love to hear what YOU would like to see.  If you’d rather not see anything related to fashion, then feel free to skip those blog posts and carry on with the home design.

My Sunday Best today consisted of my favorite pair of jeans, my new leopard shirt with my comfy red wedges. I had 20 minutes to throw myself together for church so this is the wardrobe mix I came up with and ended up wearing all day to after church lunch and then a big Costco shopping trip with the family.


Leopard Sweater {on sale!! Runs big, so size down}

My best friend gave me these jeans a few years ago after she had a baby and was convinced she’d never fit into them again. They have become my absolute favorite, most comfy and flattering jeans ever! For the record, said friend did lose that baby weight (I knew she would), but I couldn’t part with these jeans and now every times she sees me wear them, she says, “aren’t those my jeans??”  Ummm..yes,but I’m not handing them back over. She must really love me to let me keep them (thanks Megan!! xoxo).


Hudson Jean


Love these! So comfy

I also picked up this lace front top over the weekend.  I bought it in white and this burgundy color.  It’s on sale so go get yourself one! Remember to size down because it runs large.


Also, you know I love leopard print (obviously) and I found these leopard  shoes on sale!


So what are your thoughts on doing a Sunday Best post? Some weeks you’ll see me dressed up and other weeks I’ll be super casual.  I love a bargain sale (who doesn’t??) so I’ll always try to round up a few of those for you too!

One final note, Gucci peed on my brand new rug today.  I was not happy…AT ALL…but darn it I still can’t resist kissing him. You probably didn’t need to know that but somehow having him in the photo made taking a selfie more bearable (wink).


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  1. Hi Shauna. I discovered your blog this past year and I am inspired by your interior design style. Our church has the same dress code as yours. I too am casual all week that on Sunday’s I actually stress trying to figure out something to wear. Your Sunday best post is helpful and was fun to read.

  2. I discovered your blog recently too. Love it so much and hope you carry through with a Sunday Best post.
    Thanks for all of your fun posts and inspiration.

  3. I love this post Shauna!! I too struggle in church with a growling tummy and a wondering mind;). Keep these posts coming and what a great idea!! Ans I agree with Tam, feel free to show your gorgeous face:))

  4. I’m so jealous!! What I wouldn’t give to wear jeans to church! I might be jumping ship. 😉 LOVE your outfit Shauna! I have those same jeans and they are a staple for me too! Love your Sunday Best post idea. So much fun! Love you! And Gucci. 😉 xo

  5. Love your posts and this is a fun addition! I discovered your blog when your home tour was featured on another blog. We’re in the Springs too, and so it’s especially fun to get tips and inspiration from someone local. Keep up the great work!

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