The Forest Modern: Our Chic Black Butler’s Pantry

Having a large butler’s pantry has been a dream. A bit ironic since I’m not an organized shopper with stockpiles of staple food items. In fact, our previous small, walk-in pantry was always in disarray and my OCD would go into overdrive every time I’d see that Tim or one of the boys put a cereal box away with the plastic “unsealed” bag hanging out or the can of black beans mixed up with the granola bars. I’d obsessively stop whatever I was doing and have to line up all those cans and tuck in all the cereal boxes nice and neatly. Thus, my perfect design solution was to have large, floor to ceiling cabinets so I could HIDE all the food clutter. We certainly are not lacking in food storage anymore but pretty sure my husband would tell you we are always lacking in food. Grocery shopping is not my strong point. What can I say…I’m too busy designing.

I’ll spare you the lack of organization behind the cabinet doors. Maybe that’ll be motivation to organize and write a blog post for next year on how I keep all those food labels nice and inline with one another ;).  Let’s just focus on the clean look of our new Chic Black Butler’s Pantry for now. It’s galley style walk-through layout can be entered from the kitchen through the pocket glass door or just around the corner off a hallway. In case you missed our kitchen reveal, you can see more of it HERE.

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modern pocket door butler's pantry

All the food is hidden behind the beautiful black cabinets which are an extension of the same cabinetry in our kitchen. The dimensions of the pantry are 8 ft x 24 ft. The cabinets are 24″ deep.


The white oak floating shelves are fun to display my collection of vases and marble platters. I have plenty more of those tucked behind the cabinets as well.

gallery style black chic butler's pantry

We had this same brand of beverage fridge in our previous home and it’s one I continue to recommend. It’s great for chilling wine or for storing water bottles and other drinks that I don’t want to take up space in our main fridge.


Our built in coffee maker is hands down one of the best decisions I made. Lattes, espressos, frothed milk and so much more all at the simple push of a button. It was a splurge but it makes getting out of bed so much easier for me every morning. Worth it. The drawer below it is sized perfectly for all my coffee mugs. One day I’ll let you peek inside my drawers and cabinets.

built in coffee maker in chic butler's pantry

Another important aspect of our pantry is that it has a desk for the boys to do their homework and to keep all the normal paper clutter.

Sometimes I do my work here too. The view of those trees outside is so pretty to look at!

Here’s a glimpse into our kitchen. Be sure to check it out HERE!

butler's pantry with work station desk

Additional Sources

Our built in coffee machine HERE.

Gold cabinet hardware: Drawer Pulls  HERE and Knobs HERE.

Cabinet Color: Our custom cabinet maker used M.L. Campbell Wood Finishing Systems varnish in color 25-17 Black. It’s a true solid black with no undertones.

Shelves:  Custom made by our cabinet maker out of rift sawn white oak. He used a clear stain spray on application with just a hint of white paint added to break the yellow undertone. Shelves are 3.5″ thick. Distance between shelves is 17″.






  1. So beautiful ???? how wide are the cabinets where the espresso machine is ? I want to do something like this ! And what brand/model is the beverage fridge ?

    1. Thank you Jenessa!I’m not sure what the exact black color is. I told my cabinet maker I wanted black. I’ll have to ask him if he has the exact name. Sorry that’s not much help right now.

  2. I am obsessed with your entire house. Every decision you make is flawless!! Are your cabinets painted? If so, what color? Also, have you posted the source of your cabinet pulls/hardware?


    1. Hi Maria! Thank you! The cabinet hardware is sourced at the bottom of this blog post. Just scroll through the images and tap on the hardware to be taken directly to the source. LMK if you still can’t find it! I will find out the exact black paint color my cabinet maker used and will update this post soon!

  3. Simply beautiful!! Where did you get the floating shelves? (I’ve been looking for some like them for my laundryroom)

  4. Amazing pantry! A mix of sophistication and simplicity. I love the clean lines coming from the black cabinets, white walls, and white counter tops. Love, love, love!

  5. Omg!! Beautiful!!! My favorite design! So fun reading the post and then all the comments 😉 obv everyone just goes straight to paint color ☺️????
    I didn’t see the link for beverage fridge- but I do see everything else ???? well done!!

  6. Is the paint used for the cabinets in the pantry the same paint color used on the kitchen cabinets? Love your choices!

  7. What style are your cabinets considered…frameless, inset or full overlay? It’s so confusing to me! Thanks for always sharing your designs and info with us! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!!

  8. Hello! Love your kitchen. I am interested in purchasing your hardware and wonder what size did you use? Your link goes to the 18 inch O/A but wondered how did you determine the pulls size for the drawers. Thank you for your time in advance.

    1. Hi Dawn, yes, mine are the 18″ and I based that off the inset panel on our shaker panel front drawers. I wanted a large pull that would fit within those parameters. So it all depends on the size of your drawers and cabinets and if they are flat front or more of a shaker style. I hope that helps! Good luck!

  9. I love every gorgeous detail in your pantry! You are such an inspiration and so kind to share your sources. I’m looking to invest in a built-in coffee maker. I can’t find a place to try a cup locally. How did you decide on the Thermador? I’m looking at thermador, Wolf, and Bosch and trying to find reviews

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you for your compliments! I chose Thermador for our coffee maker since I was doing a package deal with our other kitchen appliances. I was able to test this coffee maker out in a local Ferguson Showroom. I’ve been really happy with it and the coffee and lattes taste so yummy! Good luck!

  10. Shauna, it’s so stunning!!! And I’m the lucky one that I’ve been able to enjoy it in person! It’s perfection – every square inch!!! xoxo

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