The Laundry/Dog Room: Dark Green Cabinets Layered On Classic Black + White Design

Our home is pretty much all black and white with loads of natural white oak. It feels so soothing and clean, but if you’ve followed our blog since way back when, you know that I do love a pop of color in neutral spaces. What better place than in our laundry/dog room where there is lots of natural sunlight and it needed to be full of playful design. I need motivation to be in here as I fold laundry and bathe dirty dogs. A pretty laundry room was a must and so fun to design. Probably my favorite room of the house and one that our friends and guests get the most excited about. Go figure. The laundry room.

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking, but I’ll highlight a few details along the way. As you tour, take in that gorgeous (and fun!) black and white patterned tile on the floor, the classic subway tile with beveled edges on the walls, and those bold, dark green cabinets that I’m so happy I took a chance on. Not only is this our laundry room but also the “dog room.”

Gucci and Kodak sleep in here at night and also hibernate here in the daytime when we are not home. As much as a nice looking laundry room was important to me, I also wanted our pups to feel comfortable in here as well. You’ll notice we have a glass door so they don’t feel so closed in and can look out into the home while we are gone (or when they are drying off from baths or just plain soaking wet from tromping through the snow). The subway tile goes all the way to the floor since Kodak had a previous history of chewing on our drywall in our former home when he was contained in a room. Thankfully he outgrew that puppy stage but we are still glad we went with tile on the walls to keep them cleaner looking and in case we ever get another puppy who decides to eat walls over food. #eyeroll

Not only is the black and white theme carried in here from throughout our home, you’ll also see the same natural stain rift sawn white oak in our countertop that is also on our kitchen and pantry floating shelves and cabinets. Also, the use of gold hardware is a consistent them throughout the home. Natural, organic elements are brought in with baskets. One can never have too many baskets in my opinion.

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Classic Black & White Laundry Room Featuring Dark Green Cabinets

The black farm sink by Blanco is not only gorgeous but super durable to use as a utility sink. I love the sleek, angular design on the apron front.


The dark green cabinet paint color is Pratt & Lambert Essex Deep Green.



The brushed gold cabinet hardware really pops against the green.

The satin gold door hardware by Emtek is the same throughout the home. It is striking against the black door, but we also have it on some gray doors you’ll be saying later as I reveal more of our home.

laundry room with dark green cabinets and black and white patterned tile

Having a designated “dog room” combined with the laundry room has its perks. For example, the room never smells like a stinky dog because the laundry detergent scent overpowers it. See how I plan these things?


The dog wash is probably the smartest thing I did in this house. Especially where we live with natural land and the dogs paws get kind of grimy. We have a daily wash and rinse (at least the paws) session in here. I intentionally raised the height to save my back from leaning over. Kodak can jump in and out easily, although most days he’s a big lazy baby and wants momma to lift him. You know they’re totally posing for treats here. I bribe, what can I say. By the way, I think they’re both due for a bang trim.

What do you think? Are you bold enough to go with dark green cabinets in your home? We played it safe with the traditional and classic white subway tile and played it up with the patterned tile floors. Bottom line, have fun with your home and take a few design risks. Those almost always end up being the best features! Thanks for stopping by! Sources are listed below.

Walls are Sherwin Williams Pure White

Floor tile // Subway tile // sink // faucet // dog shower faucet // drawer pulls // cabinet knobs // door knob // Pendant light // sconces // glass jugs/vases



  1. Your home is so beautiful! Totally envious of this dog shower. That will be included in upcoming project for sure. Hey do you recall where the stripe basket is from with the white towels in it? Also those 2 large glass vases.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you! The striped basket is from Homegoods and the 2 large glass vases are actually linked at the end of this blog post. I just updated it since I realized I forgot to source them. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love love love the non-90’s dark green. I’m actually considering painting bedroom walls this color in a ski condo. Even though the condo is small, there are nice size windows and (as you know) that snow is sooo bright. I like the idea of dark bedrooms because some of us have trouble sleeping while traveling. What do you think…four walls too much green?

    1. Hi Kellye! I say maybe begin with painting just one accent wall and see how much you like the green. Ultimately, it’s your home and do what YOU love! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  3. Sooooo Beautiful !! Just like the rest of the house ????????????
    If you had to go with another more lighter color, other than the black you have everywhere . What would you go with ? Thank you !

  4. Such a beautiful room! Love the color, floor tile, beveled subway tile, and that dog shower!! Your doggies are adorable!

  5. We’re designing our dog shower now. We were thinking that we would have a partial/half wall on the side of the dog shower that we would be on to control splashing/over spray but now I’m reconsidering. What do you think? Do you ever wish you had done it differently?

  6. I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING in this room!
    First, thank you for linking all the items at the end. Extremely helpful.
    Also, what did you use to cap off the title with eh black line? Is that title too?
    Thank you – Havilah

  7. Simply beautiful!! Every. Single. Detail!! We are building a home in the mountains and our laundry room floor tile is the exact tile you have used. What color grout did you use? What is the tile you used on the dog shower floor? Thank you for any help. ❤

    1. Hi Jill, thank you for the compliments! We went with white grout on the floor tile. Not sure I’d do that again though since it obviously shows dirt more. The shower pan tile is a simple black mini hexagon tile. Good luck in your new home!

  8. Your house gives all the feels! Can you share the dimensions on this room and the dimensions of the dog bath! Love!!

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