Beach Cottage Renovation Reveal: Kitchen

Today is the day! The long-awaited day of seeing the beach cottage renovation reveal…EEK!!  You’ve heard me talking about this since early September and sharing sneak peeks on Instagram.  This renovation was a whirlwind experience where I felt like I was on a nonstop roller coaster going 100 mph for three solid months!  What started out to be only a renovation of two bathrooms turned into a whole house renovation.  You can read all about that HERE if you’re new to the blog.  From start to finish of the entire renovation I was only able to travel to Florida two times to see progress.  Whoa!! That’s a whole lot of trust I put into my contractor to take my vision and design schemes and make them happen! Communication was all via email and texting tons of photos, drawings and sketches from me, and online ordering everything for him to install. This entire week I will be sharing the rooms that underwent the BIGGEST transformations, starting with our kitchen today. So without further ado, I won’t keep you on pins and needles any longer.  You’re going to see the ugly before the pretty so bear with me!

The day we moved into the cottage seven years ago…

beach cottage renovation reveal kitchen

Looks like a time warp to me and let me just point out a few extinct items: grapefruit from our tree, sippy cup (haven’t used those in years), floral shelf liner (what was I thinking??), camera bag holding a “film” camera, flip top cell phone, clorox wipes (can’t live without them!), a much younger me with a tan that’s sure to cause skin cancer later…sigh, and a cute munchkin who’s as tall as me now…even bigger SIGH!  Moving on…

Most of these photos are from when we bought the house and show the previous homeowner’s decor.  Apparently I was never too fond of the kitchen so I didn’t take too many photos of it over the years.  This peek through “window” wall will be knocked out.






Big mexican tiles were in the kitchen and the family room.  I never cared for them but they sufficed for seven years.  Bye bye.


You can see our blue striped awning out the windows.  Unfortunately, over the years, mold took over and it had to get torn down. Having a home in tropical southern Florida requires A LOT of exterior maintenance.



I had only one week to get this kitchen designed from scratch and cabinets ordered for it to be complete by Christmas.  Whew!  I don’t think I slept that whole week and pretty much had an IV drip of coffee going constantly. We knocked out the dividing cabinet wall between the kitchen and dining area as shown here with that arrow pointing to the right.  All cabinets torn out, new floors, new windows, new drywall (the old had mold…yuck!!), new countertops, new paint, new appliances. Drumroll please!!



I literally hear angels singing “Hallelujah” when I walk in here now.






















So bright and airy!! Having an all white kitchen with modern pops of gold and brass have me swooning! I am over the moon with how it all turned out! It suits us perfectly for our getaway home!  We officially broke in the kitchen on Christmas day with our traditional Christmas feast. I actually enjoyed cooking even.

We’ll stop here but please stop by tomorrow where I’ll show you more of this dining area that we extended the cabinets into. You can see a glimpse of our family room in the next room there that I’ve never shown you before.  Although it did get new paint and new floors, I have some big design plans to reveal in there later {coming months} involving new furniture…yay!  What’s your favorite part of the transformation? I’d love to hear!



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UPDATE:  Check out the new modern windows treatments we added to the kitchen windows HERE!

More REVEALS to come….Master bathroom (I DIE!!!), guest bathroom, powder bathroom, guest bedroom/son’s bedroom, main living room, exterior.  So much to show…day by day! You can see the original beach cottage home tour that I shared last summer HERE!










  1. WOW! It’s just amazing! I watch closely for beach cottage remodels, because we live in Texas, but our hearts remain in Anna Maria Island all year round. We fully intend to purchase there in the next 5 years, and have already house hunted. We rent there each year too. You know that I love the most about your remodel? You took the “kitsch” completely away, but left me feeling the ocean….and the sun….and the warmth! Every.single.rental. we have on the beach, regardless of quality, is full of wicker and flamingos, and fake shells, and sort of beach “overkill”. You can’t feel the beach vibe as much as it’s in your face….often in blaring Technicolor (hot pink walls, turquoise EVERYWHERE). I love your white palette, with color brought in to brighten and cheer but not overwhelm. I’m swooning of course over the soft brass/gold hardware. You did an amazing take on the beach theme, without the “theme” that strikes way too often near the coast. I cannot love it more…unless it was mine! LOL!!! cannot wait to see the other reveals!!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! That is exactly how I want my guests to feel walking into my home, like just stepping off the beach. I know exactly what you are talking about with coastal home decor! It can be overkill with seashell and flamingos…lol! Best of luck with your house hunting!

  2. Incredible Shauna, congrats on a great new space you can retreat to! Looks amazing, can’t wait for more beautiful reveals!!

  3. Shauna!!! I can’t even!! You have completely outdone your self on this one my dear! Not much else can top this…just the right size, style and obviously every single detail was chosen oh so carefully! What a wonderful way to have to cook while you are away at the cottage with your sweet family! I think even I would enjoy cooking here as well!!! Thanks for sharing it with us and for giving us some wonderful ideas. It’s just absolutely fabulous:))

  4. Shauna this is incredible!! As you know I’m in awe of everything you do and this is quite show stopping I must say…my fav is the gold hardware and faucet…hands down! So fab my friend! Tam xoxo

  5. Wow Shauna!!! It looks amazing, stunning, divine!!! All I can say is girls trip to Florida! I’ll pack my bags an be on the first flight out of town! You really did an incredible job. I’m so happy for you and your family to enjoy it.

  6. Shauna, you did such a phenomenal job in this space!!! Your design plan breathed sparkling, new life into what was a dark, cramped area of the house before! I know you’ll get an immense amount of enjoyment from this bright, beautiful kitchen! I’m so in love with the flooring too! Was it relatively reasonable, in cost?

  7. Shauna! This kitchen!! You have honestly done the MOST amazing job with every single room! Those floating shelves give me goosebumps!! It’s just breathtaking. So light and bright and fresh and modern. You are such a talent my friend! And that older pic of you and your little boy.. heart melt! xo

    1. Coming from the girl who’s kitchen I ADORE, thank you!!! So happy my lil ol kitchen meets your stamp of approval Erin! Those floating shelves are so fun to play around with too! Thank you for all the love my friend!!

  8. Shauna!!! This is stunning! How fun to see the before pictures. And my how things have changed. You did a fabulous job! I adore the floating shelves, the flooring, the lobster towel…basically everything from the finishes to the small details! I’m so happy that you have something so beautiful to enjoy.

  9. Stunning! Love it all. We are re-doing a home in Naples too and blogging about it. It’s been such a long process but we are almost done. Anyway, was wondering what color your quartz countertops are? We ordered Quartz in cloud nine. Yours look a bit more gray, I think. I had trouble deciding but went with a more sand color. We’ll see this week when they get delivered. I hope they look good! Anyway, great blog. Love your style!!

    1. Hi Jodi! How fun you are renovating too! It can be a long process but so worth it in the end! My kitchen countertops at the beach cottage are Pompeii quartz and the color is “carrera.” They do have a bit of a grayish undertone. Love them! Best of luck with your remodel! Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your sweet compliments. 🙂

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