The Forest Modern: Caviar in The Dining Room

The day has come to choose interior paint for The Forest Modern. There will be a lot of high contrast in this home. Black + white balanced with natural woods. Some spaces will scream DRAMA because let’s be real, this house has caused me all kinds of drama…k, I won’t digress. But really, I’ve dreamed of a moody dining room from day one. Black actually. Obviously I have a thing for black, did you see our exterior paint?

Let’s pause and stare at the millwork first…

Hats off to my trim guy who worked closely with me on scheming up this design. I kept the panel moulding simple on the walls without ornate curves on the edges. We have stacked crown moulding on the ceiling which you’ll be able to see the details better once I get better photos.

Sherwin Williams Caviar dining room

The little black swatch on the left is Caviar by Sherwin Williams. Black is not always black if you know what I mean. There can be fifty shades of black. This one is rich and deep yet not too stark. Almost gives off a slight deep gray undertone. My windows were masked off in this photo so the lighting is poor but I was still able to get a sense of this color. The grayish swatch next to it is Cape May Cobblestone by Benjamin Moore which I plan to paint a few interior doors in.

We have 12 foot ceilings in this room and floor to ceiling windows that are south facing which allows the sun to pour in all day. So by slathering every square inch of these walls in black it won’t feel cave-ish.  I want a room that feels dramatic, moody and one that catches your eye when you come into the home. As I was researching black interior paints, I stumbled across Caviar and thought what a delicious name of color for our dining room! Because we eat off of fine china and snack on caviar every day! Ha. Decision made. I think. What’s your vote?

Sherwin Williams Caviar dining room

And one little peek of  the other side of this room and into the rest of the home. Don’t mind the iPhone photo. It’s all I’ve got these days. Bear with me, I promise to dust off my Canon when this house is finished and ready for good quality photos.

If you’ve had experience with Caviar (on your walls, not in your mouth…) I’d love to hear! Is Caviar in the dining room a win? One question I do have so weigh in, should I paint in a satin sheen so it doesn’t scream gloss or should I go with a semi-gloss for a bit more drama. Decisions.

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  1. I painted my basement doors caviar! I love it, it is definitely a warmer black. Happy to send you photos if you need! Can’t wait to see all the finished spaces.

  2. Hey shauna! Your trim looks amazing! I used caviar on all my interior doors in my old home. You can search black doors on my blog to see lots of pictures if you’re interested :). Can’t wait to see it!

  3. As an interior painter for 20 years I LOVE the colors you have picked ! Caviar will look amazing and I would do Semi gloss (not the most common finish for walls) but for the look I think your going for, it will be amazing !
    I’m actually painting a dining room next week for a client – a Deep Dark purple- walls , trim and ceiling 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your finished rooms !

    1. Hi Audrey! Thank you for your suggestion! I value your professional opinion since you are the expert in paint finishes. That dining room your painting sounds like the perfect “jewel box” 🙂
      Thank you for following along with The Forest Modern!

  4. In my dining room I chose a matte finish for the walls and did the same color only in a high gloss for the crown moulding. I love it!

    1. Hi Jessica, what a great idea to mix the moulding and wall sheens in the same color! I guess you really can’t go wrong with the paint finish when its a gorgeous color, right? Thanks for following along with us!

  5. Hi! I used SW Iron Ore in my dining room and I love it! We used the Emerald type of paint which has a beautiful finish and is washable as well. Love the Caviar!

  6. I used Caviar for my lower kitchen cupboards and love love love them. I think Caviar isn’t such a stark black if there is such a thing. Just a little softer without any undertone at all in my opinion. It’s going to look great!

  7. Caviar! One of my fave SW colors…. all of my doors in my entire house are painted Caviar. The idea of an entire dining room in that color, especially with that fabulous trim detail, makes me a little weak in the knees. Can’t wait to see it!

  8. I painted my dining room Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams in our new construction home and love the drama and the statement it makes. It is filled with natural light and with the trim work and coffered ceiling, it is not dark at all. My house is a lot of creams and blacks with light wide plank wood floors so I love the direction you are going in!

  9. I had Caviar painted walls and white cabinets in my kitchen about 9 years ago. We lived in Minnesota at the time and it was gorgeous with the snow on the ground looking out the windows! We have since moved to Texas but that was by far my favorite kitchen of ours ever! It was so elegant… can’t go wrong with Caviar!

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