The Forest Modern: First Look at Our Hearth Room + Ten Statement Coffee Tables

As promised in my last post, I have a new space in The Forest Modern to show you today and it’s still “in progress.” Our hearth room sits right off of our kitchen and formal living room area and has become the spot we all gravitate to as we unwind every evening. Furniture is slowly getting in place (sources at the end of this post!) but I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of hours deciding on coffee tables and need your help!! Let’s look at the Ten Statement Coffee Tables I’ve rounded up.

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I love them all and I think any one of them would look great in our hearth room. Originally, I wanted a round table because I felt like it would nestle in best with our current sofa/ottoman situation (btw, our sofa & ottoman are currently 30% off!! Get the deal HERE).  However, since we lounge in here we really need a place to kick our feet up onto. You should see the mad dash as we all rush to claim that soft velvety ottoman!  So, now I’m thinking one of these masculine looking tufted coffee tables. Tim votes for one of those! I’m torn, as always. Story of my life. Help!! What’s your vote?

THIS RUG just arrived a few days ago and I have a big fat crush on it! You guys, seriously, I LOVE this rug!! It just brings a cozy, masculine, refined look to our hearth room. I shared it on Instagram this week and got lots of questions about it. The color is black and cream, not black and white. It’s thin and I’ll be placing a rug pad under it just to help keep it in place. The furniture does a pretty good job of grounding it, but my rambunctious labradoodle (Mr. Kodak) has found it a good place to put the brakes on from his high speed jolt through the house. The rug is on sale this weekend so a good time to buy if you’re interested! Imagine how good it’ll look this Christmas with a tree in here! Can’t wait!!

Side note, last night I dragged Tim along with me to a design consult and he watched me make quick decisions for furnishing a couple of rooms at our church. He asked me this morning, “why can’t you make decisions like that for our own home?” Uhhhh..I don’t know! Maybe it’s because I know what I like but narrowing it down to what I’ll love long term is the challenge. I’ve driven myself to design insanity. My patience and endless hours of pondering what I buy is paying off though. I’m loving how this room is coming together.

So tell me your vote on your favorite coffee table and let’s see which one wins!! I think I know the one I’ll choose but I could change my mind tomorrow….

By the way, all these statement coffee tables I’ve picked are on sale this weekend so maybe is a good time to buy for yourself!! Don’t be impulsive though, just make a good decision! These are all great pieces and versatile so I hope I’ve helped you find one that may be perfect for your home.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


  1. Number 7. Lightness helps soften the darker rug/couch. And round to help offset all the squareness to room and furniture. Looks amazing.

  2. Either 2 or 5! I love both. I think 2 would soften up all the right angles and straight lines but 5 is just gorgeous!

  3. I like the Lennon coffee table the best! I love all the round ones. I’m not a fan of the tufted ottoman look. The room is so cozy. I love the rug!

  4. I really love 3 or 8 for this space. You can afford space wise to go with something heavy and I chose these because of the color. I think the deeper tones in both of these tables will help bring the texture and color of that stunning chandelier down to the living space from the ceiling. Any of them will work lovely though! Good luck!

  5. I like #5 but wonder if it is too big. If you are looking for a balance of contemporary and rustic, I say go with #8.

  6. I’m pretty sure 5 is your pick. I think it’s going to look fabulous. Can’t wait to see your pick. I’m enjoying your stories and blog, you are on point and very interesting to follow. Thanks for sharing

  7. My vote is 2 for these reasons:
    ????round softens the squares in the room
    ????color plays to the wood flooring
    ????tapers at the bottom to show off more of that fab rug!
    ????clean lines atop a gorgeous patterned rug
    ????rustic enough to withstand lots of feet on it.
    I’m biased. I have a table very similar and LOVE it. We have our feet on it all the time!????

  8. Love 8. But totes hear you on the feet-up situation. No.5 would be amaze but I’d prob go no.4 for a more electric vibe. All your spaces are swoonville

  9. I love #1, but I think #8 would look best in this room because of the shape and the legs. You cannot go wrong with any of them though; they are all beautiful!!

  10. Wow, hard decision! I love every single one of them too! You are so open and honest about struggling with making decisions for your own home. I too struggle and at times feel paralyzed about making a choice that I won’t like later. Your home is beautiful. You have great taste! Im enjoying watching the journey and you complete each room. I will be here if its months or years till you are done.

    1. Hi Danna! Thank you so much for your kind and understanding words. Just know that you’re not alone when that paralyzed feeling is present. It happens to all of us and there’s nothing wrong with that. Good design just takes time to really figure out and KNOW what you love. Thank you for following along!

  11. Overall my favorite is #8 BUT I think #10 would look good in your space. I like the colors & would probably hold up well. I’m sure the scale is good for all of them.. Good luck!

  12. Your reasons for a rectangular table are on point, but a round table would soften the space so my picks are 5 and 8. This is where I would go for looks over function. Is that bad???? Although I really love #10 as well. I can’t wait to see what you picked!

  13. Hello. Your house is SO gorgeous! Do you mind me asking what brand/type of windows you used throughout your house? I would greatly appreciate your insight. Thanks so much!


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