Our Black Mudroom with Brick Herringbone Floors

Today I’m giving you the first look at our black mudroom with brick herringbone floors. There is so much that I love about this space but the brick floors are my favorite!  This room is directly off of our garage and is still a work in progress. I haven’t thought much about the full design since we moved in. You may even recognize our old dining table banquette bench from our previous home. I posted this photo on Instagram last week and got so many questions that I’ll answer here today.

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The brick floors not only are so pretty, they have been great functionally for this space. We have very long snowy winters and the brick is great for dropping wet snowsuits on. It’s not slippery and it never looks dirty. I’m sure there’s plenty of grime that builds up but I only mop them about once a month and I vacuum with our soft brush central vacuum every couple of days (or more when I feel dirt on my bare feet).   I’m all about choosing floors that hide the grime!

Brick Source: 1/2″ thin brick by General Shale, color is Ironworks. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the color of grout I chose but it’s a tan color.

I love having these separate set of stairs up to our home gym and the boys’ rooms. If you’re curious about our stair treads and hardwood floors you can read about them HERE.

We are definitely not short of storage space. I designed these locker style cabinets with coat rods inside. I like the look of pretty cabinets rather than a coat closet.  The cabinets are 10 ft tall (ceilings 12 ft). The panels on top flip open for additional storage for items that I don’t need access to regularly.

Cabinet Color: Our custom cabinet maker used M.L. Campbell Wood Finishing Systems varnish in color 25-17 Black. It’s a true solid black with no undertones.

This wall of cabinetry is for the boys. Complete with backpack hooks and inside shelves. The drawers below are for shoes. I like hiding all the clutter!

There’s a small powder bath off the mudroom with a pocket door. I’ll show you that cute space in a later post.


You can see our laundry room straight ahead. The glass door is for our dogs, Kodak and Gucci. We don’t want them to feel so isolated when they sleep in here at night. If you haven’t seen our laundry room, you’ll want to check it out HERE! I’m still obsessed with my cabinetry color choice in there!

What do you think about the black shiplap walls? I LOVE. Color is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams, painted in eggshell sheen.

Yes, they need something more and I have plans. I’m thinking of two long rows of photo ledges, stacked with various size frames. I have my eye on these frames. I love groupings of candid family photos, all in black and white. I think images of ski trips and hiking 14ers would be fun. My problem is narrowing down the photos to display. Maybe that’s why this wall has taken me so long…

Eventually I’d like to find a different bench. I haven’t found one yet that speaks to me so I wait. Yes, furniture calls my name when it belongs in my home. There’s really nothing wrong with this tufted banquette, other than it’s just not my style anymore. I’m anxious to see what this wall looks like when I get it all figured out. Progress pics will come, I promise. You know me though, snails pace. You’re all so patient with me!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our black mudroom. I’d love to know what your favorite part is! Brick herringbone floors, black shiplap walls, or that old banquette (teehee!) 😉


Cabinet Knobs

Chandeliers – currently out of stock.

Similar chandelier options HERE and HERE

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Tufted Banquette/Bench – no longer available but from this store

Pillows – Homegoods/TJMaxx



  1. Love it ALL! Question: do you paint your light switch covers and vent covers to match your black walls exactly? I always wondered that. Thanks in advance ????

  2. Love Love your home Shauna! I have taken so much inspiration from your home for our new build! Love your mudroom! Question…is the IRONWORKS brick the same color you have in your basement and walls in your home? Its surprisingly (not surprised ..bc we have similar tastes!;)) my choice for our bar area in the basement and its so nice to see HOW things look when they are on a wall or floor! I love that color combo! Gorgeous as always!
    Thanks and always look forward to your posts!

  3. This is absolutely stunning. Can you please share the color on your other walls as well as your trim please? Thanks in advance!

  4. Beautiful room, I really like the stairs handrails ???? Could you please share the source? Thank you!

  5. I actually love that you are still using an old piece and your home isn’t perfectly decorated at this point. Seeing you live in the spaces and very carefully decide what goes where is really helpful to me as a first time homeowner who struggles with making my space feel put together. It’s so nice to see someone taking time to slowly bring in pieces they love and that suit the space. Your mudroom looks amazing and I love the brick floors!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the sweet comment. Decorating a home is a process and can be quite the journey but patience always pays off in the end. I used to be one to buy something to fill a space or because it was on mega sale. I eventually always got rid of it because it was just a temporary fix. I’d now rather have bare empty rooms and walls, then fill them with things that I don’t love. Take your time in your home and let it evolve. Good luck! xx

    1. Hi Nikki, I am not sharing our the floor plan of our home but hopefully you can get a good idea of the flow of rooms through all the photos I share here on the blog and on my Instagram. Thanks for following along!

  6. Hello, is there a reason you had your kitchen cabinets done with M.L. Campbell Wood Finishing Systems varnish and NOT the SW Tricorn lacquer. Is it better quality? Our painter wants to use the SW instead.
    Also, are you still happy with your Anderson windows?
    Your house has been invaluable to us as we remodel. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for speaking these beautiful pictures of your phenomenal home. Would you be able to share what brand of 3 panel interior doors you used? Also where did you get your lovely French patio doors as well? Thank you.

  8. Hi shauna
    Is all your black cabinetry made of MDF or solid wood? I’m especially wanting to know about your kitchen black base cabinetry. Trying to decide what to do in our house and your kitchen has served as an inspiration.

    Thank you,

    Thank you!

  9. I love that you are taking your time! That is the best way to do it. You have to live in a space before it speaks to you!

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