Styling The Home for Spring


Season’s change is definitely in the air as of this week in Colorado and I’ve slowly been styling the home for spring! Last week we had a blizzard, but this week we’ve seen some nice temps in the 60’s!  Looking out my kitchen windows I can see the tiny baby buds of my crabapple trees.  For such a short period, only a few days, they will bloom into beautiful white flowers all over the branches.  Hopefully, we won’t get anymore snow but I won’t hold my breath!  With the spring season upon us I’ve added a few hints of spring throughout my home primarily with pops of vibrant color in flowers, yummy scented spring candles, and switching out a few pillows. Last week I went a little crazy and bought all kinds of flowers for my spring tablescape {here}.  When in doubt of what flowers to go with just buy a little bit of each! haha!  I think everyone loves a good “sink photo” of flowers, right? Not all those flowers ended up on my table.

Spring color is added to my kitchen with lemons and tulips. I’ve been stocking up on lemons to add to my water and love the bright display and color they bring to my kitchen island.  I have a hard time drinking enough water on a daily basis but I find that when I add fresh squeezed lemons it tastes so much better (obviously) and I tend to drink a lot more.


I always keep yummy flavored water on hand like this French Lemonade from World Market. Ball jars are my favorite drinking glasses for spring and summer.  I may have a slight obsession with paper straws, too. I can’t resist a cute stripe of color!



Candles for the season are another one of my spring “must haves.”  Sometimes I buy them based off of the pretty container, like this sweet one that just makes me smile.  Thank you for that cheery reminder, little candle…I always strive to choose happiness. I hope you do too!


My son made me the white mini pot and mug for my birthday.  Melt my heart!  We planted succulents in them and I’m hoping I can keep them alive!


You can see more of my kitchen {here}

I shopped my basement storage closet and pulled out my favorite faux lemon trees. Everyone thinks they are real and you have to look pretty close to see that they’re just a really good fake.  I have a collection of old garden urns that are always fun to fill with elements of the season like these twiggy moss balls.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram you may recognize this lamp that was a DIY success fail. I fixed the spray painting “oops” and actually am loving the new black color! The buffet chest is another old piece that I chalk painted a couple of years ago.  It’s just one of those pieces that I never tire of and will always find a place for it in my home.



I placed the twin to the lemon tree next to the sofa.  I go back and forth with having a lamp on the end table here, but I’m liking the lemon tree there for now.  I’ve had a lot of questions about these faux lemon trees. So pretty and definitely real looking. Unfortunately this one is no longer available but I found this one and this one that are also nice options if you’re on the hunt for a faux lemon tree.



The living room has been in a state of transition for a while. I have been debating since before Christmas whether or not to splurge a little and switch out my sofa. I’m still not ready to pull that trigger yet but I just may not need to after all.  What this room had been missing was color and pattern!  I found these floral and leopard print pillow covers from Stuck on Hue and fell into pillow heaven!  I am completely obsessed over this pattern combo of floral and leopard.  One hundred percent SMITTEN!  I love that the floral gives me the color that I had been wanting!  I’m coming to my senses and realizing I should just stop buying random pillows every time I’m in Homegoods!  You know they have a mind of their own and literally jump into my cart.  The problem I discovered was that I have become a pillow hoarder.  The guest bedroom gets all the #spontaneous “buyer’s remorse” pillows and has become a little ridiculous.  Now that I’ve discovered this great etsy shop that sells pillow “covers,” I can stop the madness of pillow buying addiction. I think I’m loving my sofa all over again thanks to these gems.


I have steadily been refreshing new flowers on my coffee table and I love the color that they too add. Ranunculus are my new favorite flower with their squiggly stems!  There is something so whimsical about them and so perfect for spring.


The coffee table got a little update with these little copper plants, blue and white urn and mirrored tray from Homegoods.



I’m loving these design books.  Seriously can’t get enough of them and all the great design tips!


My DIY leopard print books are always easy to incorporate into my design schemes.  I’m currently using them to give some height to a lamp that is a little short for this room.


I also picked up this topiary from Homegoods recently.  It’s a nice balance to the lemon tree on the other side of the sofa.


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The master bedroom also got a little spring update.  I brought back out my peach pillows from last summer.



I’m finding that adding simple flowers throughout the home makes each space come alive. The blush, apricot, pink and cream color rose combination are so stunning together!  I love how they accent my pillows perfectly.

Last spring, I read this book, The Best Yes, and it was profound! Such a good read if you need to find balance in your life, but struggle with a bit of guilt when you have to say “no” sometimes when life’s demands become overwhelming. I highly recommend it!  Now back to the little tour! 😉





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I hope you enjoyed the mini spring tour!

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  1. Shauna I love your leopard and floral combo! I wear leopard and floral! A floral dress with leopard shoes is my fav!!! Your tour is stunning!

  2. You have just such a great eye! Heck you make a soda look amazing. And I love the lemon tree…truly bringing outside life into your home!!!

  3. I loved all of your details, Shauna! That leopard and floral is perfection! And it’s amazing how something as simple as lemons can elevate a space so beautifully!

  4. I’m so glad the Radiant Floral and leopard velvet pillows were what you needed to make you love your living room again! You chose such a great size, too — 24×24 — which makes an impact. Thanks for the tour, and happy spring!

  5. Ummm I’m coming over! Everything is stunning Shauna!! I may have to visit both you & Kelley in the Spring! lol Gorgeous overload! xoxo

  6. Oh Shauna, this is all stunning! Loving every detail of every pic! The lemons are added perfection! Thanks for the inspiration….HUGS!

  7. Shauna! Your house looks absolutely stunning for Spring! So beautiful and just HAPPY! Love it all I think I definitely need that candle in my life! 🙂 xo

  8. Hi Shauna, I absolutely LOVE your home! Can you tell us more about your headboard? I’m trying to decide what to do in our master bedroom and I love the statement that piece makes.


    1. Hi Margaret! Thank you so much! Our headboard is custom made. I couldn’t find a headboard tall enough so I ordered fabric online and had a local upholsterer make this one for me. I probably could have made it myself if the fabric didn’t have a pattern that needed to match up at the seams. I left that nightmare job to the pro! haha!So happy you like it!

  9. I’ve looked around your website. Have you listed a source for your beautiful sofa in your living room? I love the mix of grays!

    1. Hi Cindy, the sofa was ordered from a local design boutique here 6 years ago. It was a custom piece that I was able to customize the fabric. Sorry I don’t have an online source for you.

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