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Hi friends! Happy Friday! I had originally planned to share a big, exciting announcement today on the blog but I just didn’t feel like writing about the happenings in my “design world.”  I know that is primarily what this blog is about…all things decor, design, and renovations. Sometimes though I just want to press the “pause” button on that part of my life. Life lately, with summer in full swing, has been filled with days more like this.

We’ve been at the beach cottage for a few weeks now and I didn’t want to let my new found blogging life get in the way of what matters most to me. Being present for my family and our three boys is the constant whisper I hear in my head.  Having one that will be a senior in high school (be still my heart!) this year, I have realized that life is simply too short and that the babies we thought would stay little and forever in our home are growing up in the blink of an eye.  So instead of spending my days blogging, I’ve been playing and doing more of this.

Collecting seashells on the beach.  Our beach in Naples has tons of seashells, especially during low tide.  We’ve been going to the beach in the evenings when the scorcher sun is finally cooling down (a wee bit) and collecting treasures.  Many of the seashells still have living critters inside, so we scoop them up and throw them back in the ocean.

life-lately-beach-cottage-5 life-lately-beach-cottage-2

Ethan loves to pull out our seashell “almanacs” to identify which ones we discovered. We keep the shells in scattered collections all over the cottage.

Walking the beach is my favorite thing to do here.  The beach down the road from us is a 6 1/2 mile stretch of white sand from one end to the other.  Ethan and I spent a morning walking the whole stretch.  That was such a sweet moment for me just having one on one conversation with him and watching him explore.



Of course, there’s splashing in the pool everyday.  I did manage to squeeze in one day of work cleaning up the patio area for a fun patio tour I shared earlier this week (HERE).


We love to ride our bikes up and down the surrounding streets taking in all the beautiful homes and landscaping. Not one house is the same, each having it’s own beauty and character. I could house “peep” all day/evening long. Gucci loves his “free ride” (wink).

life-lately-beach-cottage-9 life-lately-beach-cottage-10

Fourth of July came and went but not without the boys setting off their traditional fireworks show on our street.  You should have seen my garage floor.  It looked like some sort of explosive fireworks station that pretty much gave me hives in worry.  Pssst…I LOVE our massive banyan tree you can see in the background. Our whole street is canopied by these and one of the reasons I fell in love with this particular area.


I snapped this pic on the evening of 4th of July.  Patriotic spirit was sprinkled throughout the cottage last week (all decked out HERE), but today I’m tucking it away again until next year.


Being so close to all the awesome theme parks in Florida, the boys are always wanting to hit up one at least once a year.  We spent a day at Busch Gardens in Tampa yesterday.  As I’ve gotten older my fear of roller coasters has settled in. Funny, because in my younger years I had no fear.  Needless to say, my boys now drag me on every single roller coaster.  Worse yet, they make me keep my eyes open! Why can’t I just squeeze them shut so I don’t have to face my impending death…haha! I’m so thankful that I can actually do these fun things with my boys though and happy that they want to do them with me. My hope is that they will look back one day and remember these moments as cherished as I look at them.


Since it’s obvious that I LOVE flamingos (hint: scroll up to the pool photo above), I had to snap this pic of the flamingos.  I could seriously sit and stare at them all day. The coral/pink/blush/peachy coloring is STUNNING! Did you know that beneath their wings, their feathers are all black? So pretty when they run around flapping their wings and seeing the color contrast of the black and peachy-pink. I still want to incorporate more of those colors in the beach cottage and even talked about some wallpaper plans (HERE).


I know I will never look back at this summer and say I wish I would have spent more time blogging or burying my nose in my phone on Instagram.  That’s just silly. I want to look back at memories with my family and moments that will forever be cherished. More importantly, I don’t want my boys to have memories of me shuffling them to the side so I can finish a blog post.  I fully admit to doing that in the past and I’m not proud of it. Once school starts up again (which is approaching quickly), I’ll be back to more focused blogging about all the design projects going on around here. Stay tuned, this fall, I’ll be taking you on another design journey you won’t want to miss!

I leave you with this moment captured by my husband the first year we bought our beach cottage.  This reminds me of how fast time flies and how quickly my boys are growing up. Goodness, my oldest son towers over me now.  If I could turn back eight years to this moment in time, I would.


I hope this leaves you thinking about what matters most to you in your life.  If you’re getting caught up in busyness that probably doesn’t matter a year from now, think through it, and take a step back.  Life is sweet and too short friends.  I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


  1. What a lovely post! A beautiful and important reminder for other bloggers like me and, really, for anybody on the planet. Family and close friends are number one. Seeing your Naples home photos always makes me so happy, because they remind me of what our town was like when I moved here in ’84 from Los Angeles. So many of the sweet older houses have been torn down and replaced with nothing that resembles the former house. It is wonderful to see people like you preserving the charm that brought many of us here in the first place! Cheers and thank you! ~ Janis Lyn Johnson from

    1. Hi Janis, thank you so much for your sweet words.You’re right, so many cute houses are being torn down for the big new homes. Although they are gorgeous, the quaint character is getting lost. Hopefully, our little cottage will remain for many years!

  2. Ok now I’m sobbing????????????. Thank you for the great reminder, Shauna!! We’ll never get this time back with them so I’m so glad you are soaking up those memories with your precious boys now????????

  3. Love this! I just launched my blog and have SOOO much work to do to get it going the way I want, but this is such a great reminder to slow down and pay attention to what really matters… I’ve been trying to do that this week at our lake home, but I really appreciate the reminder!

    1. Hi Kristen! I wish you the best on your new blog journey! It is a lot of work, but just keep focused and keep life in perspective and you’ll do great! Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

  4. Shauna I absolutely loved this post! The pictures were stunning and you are spot on. I think about this all the time. It’s hard, isn’t it? Constantly being pulled between wanting to play with our kids and prioritize what’s most important, but also wanting to maintain creative outlets for us. But you are so right. At the end of the day how do we want our kids to remember us? I think about it all the time! And this post was such a great reminder. Tomorrow I’m going to put away my computer and phone and hang with my kids. Aside from calling you!! 😉 Love you cutie! So happy you are enjoying your time at the cottage and those handsome boys. xo

    1. Hey cute friend! I admire you for how you manage it all! You ARE such a good mom, yet you never miss a beat in bogland either. I really love and respect that about you! I hope you’re having a great summer with those cute kids and enjoying your “resort” style pool! 😉 Can’t wait to hug you in less than a month!!

  5. This is everything, spot-on, in a nutshell, Shauna.????❤️ You are one, smart, insightful woman…and you already KNOW how fleeting (and precious) time actually is (even though we never believed our parents who tried to forewarn us!!)???????? It’s sooo easy with today’s technology and social media influences to franticly and instantly entice us to share, share, share every minute happening in our lives (with, for the most part, strangers), without ever really being present in the lives of our loved ones all around us. I, fully and wholeheartedly, applaud, admire, support, and cheer on any and all of my friends who enjoy the sport of blogging…but you, so eloquently, shared here exactly why I have chosen not to. I admire your heart and your wisdom, my friend, for choosing to spend those days there at the cottage, one-on-one, with your precious kiddos. They will remember mom exploring the beaches, gathering seashells, riding roller coasters, and swimming and diving with flamingo floats, during those family summers together, vs. being time-deprived while mom tries to keep up with social media!! I adore this post, Shauna!!????❤️xo I’ve always known, since I met you, that you have a heart of gold, but when I read this, and your choice to slow down, savor the moment, and to soak up all the goodness happening in your family life, while putting blogging efforts on the back burner…I now, adore you even more!!!???????????????????? Thanks so much for sharing and for reminding us what’s REALLY important in the days we are given!! ????????

    1. Debi, thank you so much for leaving the sweetest comment!You are such a kind and loving friend and I’m so happy that Instagram brought us together in friendship! Thank you for always being so supportive and my cheerleader! Love ya and I think we’re overdue for some group chat laughter! xoxo

      1. Amen to that, Sista!! We are long overdue for some loonnggg, late night, laugh-til-your-belly-hurts gab fests!! Miss you instasistas soooo much!! ????????xo

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