Our Shelter In Place

Hello friends! It’s been a few months since I’ve been on the blog (since before Christmas!). It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and reconnect with you all! Honestly, my heart has been so heavy in light of the pandemic, Covid-19, that has turned our world upside down. I didn’t know if now was the right time for the blog to come out of “hibernation.” We are all feeling isolation. We have been called to STAY HOME. I think now though is the time to really connect and let you in on glimpses of our new normal at The Forest Modern.

Yesterday I dusted off my camera (yep, that hasn’t been used since December) and snapped some photos throughout our home. I’m a true nester at heart. Cleaning and tidying my home has always been therapeutic for me. Especially now I feel the need to make our home feel like a sanctuary and as well kept as possible with all five of us home. It’s a constant process. I know you can relate the struggle is real keeping a home tidy right now! Some days are better than others.

I took a lot of photos because my mind needed to feel creative once again. I love looking at my home through the lens of a camera. I’m not calling this your typical “blogger spring home tour” but instead what it really is. Our Shelter in Place. I typically don’t throw this many photos on one blog post but since I figure we all have a lot of time on our hands, all the photos may help your mind escape for a bit. 

As you tour through our home, I hope you see more than pretty images. I hope you feel the life in our home. The heartbeat. A big piece of our heart is no longer with us and I wanted to share it with you all. Our sweet Gucci, our pint size, spitfire yorkie passed away on March 14. Back in December he was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. We didn’t expect him to live through Christmas but he did and we had 2 more months of beautiful life with him. He was 11 1/2 years old and lived a wonderful, well loved life with us.

Our hearts are broken. We are so thankful that he now has a beautiful place to rest in our forest. Kodak seemed a little lost without him the first week. He still will not walk by his grave, as if he is showing his own sense of respect.


I share this with you all because I know how much you have loved Gucci over the years seeing him debut on some of our photos. He loved the camera and always seemed to show up in the frame when he heard me snapping the photos. I miss him! He will be greatly missed in all those photos.

Let’s dive in now to what our Shelter in Place currently looks like. Starting in the kitchen. The absolute most used room in our home right now. We’ve been quarantined in our home since March 15 and I broke my cooking streak of 5 days in a row a long time ago. I’ve become the on demand chef for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tim cooks a meal here and there but I’m primarily the one. I’m thankful though that I can do this for my family and that I’m healthy and we have food. That blessing is certainly not taken lightly or for granted.

**This post contains affiliate links. 

We eat at our kitchen island for all the meals. I’ve always been a clean freak in my kitchen but now more so than ever. I keep our kitchen this clean after every meal. It’s my sanity. I’m grateful for two dishwashers that help with all the dishes that get dirty in one day with a family of five. Currently, I run three dishwasher loads a day. 

I had a birthday in March and I bought myself a new knife set. Who am I?!! lol. For over a year now I have truly “learned” how to cook “good” food and follow recipes. Thanks to one of my dear friends who has taught me so much through her passion for cooking. I can’t say I’m passionate about it but I admit that the idea of following a recipe isn’t so intimidating for me anymore. Part of being a good “chef” is you need good cooking tools. My old knife set was a hodgepodge of knives that I used as a “saw” to cut anything. They were pretty bad. I feel “official” now with this pretty knife set

Up until this week I still had my winter greenery in my vases. Truth is, winter still abounds here in Colorado but now that April has arrived I am needing some spring/summer vibes in our home. These succulent stems are a favorite of mine that you’ll see throughout our home.


Our pantry is on the other side of that glass pocket door. The cabinets are fully stocked with food. Never did I think they’d ever be so full when I designed them. I’m thankful for the smart storage space now.

Our dining room has never had more action than now. The dining table has become online school station and puzzle zone. I’m thankful we had quite a few puzzles on hand. The boys have been spending hours putting them together.

My office typically doesn’t look this clean. This week though I sorted through the paper piles and cleared my desk. My goal is to keep it more tidy. We’ll see about that! 

Kodak is tired from all of his exercise these past couple of weeks. I take him out running or hiking the beautiful trails around our area twice a day. Being outside in nature and exercising has helped me tremendously. Fortunately I can do this right outside my back door.


Having a tidy home just puts me in a better mood. Three boys and one rambunctious dog that brings dirt in on his paws after every hike makes it more challenging. We have a central vacuum that I use every day on the hardwood. Picks up all the kitchen crumbs and fine dirt. Usually you’ll see Kodak’s dog toys and stuffed animals in just about every room on the floor. I kicked those out of the photo frame but they’re lurking around the corner.


Living Room Sources

Sofas – Room and Board. Details in this post // Chandelier & Sconces – Restoration Hardware // Side table – Homegoods (Similar option


Our Hearth Room gets a lot of lounging around. I can assure you that most of the time the pillows are smooshed on the sofa. We recently got this new rug. The black and white plaid rug that was in here before has been moved into the family room in our lower level. I still LOVE that rug but we needed a replacement for the one downstairs after Kodak got sick all over it a week after we got it. Ugh!!! He had pancreatitis and let’s just say the rug was soiled beyond repair because I didn’t notice it for a few days. Gross, I know! 

At this point it feels like I’ve scrubbed my hands raw from all the hand washing. This is one of our powder baths that get’s a lot of use. Refilling the hand soap constantly and switching out the hand towel daily is a new norm around here. 


Posh Modern Powder Bathroom with Metal wall divider quartz floating vanity

Our master bedroom feels like a sanctuary retreat at the end of the day. I’ve never been one to make my bed daily but since we’ve been sheltering in place at home I want to make my bed every day. Something that makes me feel accomplished. 

Bedroom Sources

Drapes/Black & white pillows – Custom by Tonic Living (Details in this post) // Chandelier – Restoration Hardware // Lounge chair – no longer available


I’ve never been one to frequently soak in a bathtub but that has all changed as of late. Sometimes even in the middle of the day I’ll escape to this sanctuary. The scent of eucalyptus bath salts scooped from the handmade wood bowl by my dad. The fireplace on (remember it’s still cold here in Colorado) and just unwind. I made sure we put a tub in here that was just the right size for my 5’3″ frame so I don’t feel like I’m drowning trying to keep my head above water. This tub is perfect for me. I’m grateful for this tub right now. It’s just another comfort that I can look forward to at some point in the day.


Bathroom Sources 

Clawfoot tub // Drapes – custom made by Tonic Living (details in this post)  //  bath stool – Homegoods

I’d like to leave you with this view today. I am so grateful for this sanctuary we created last summer. I find myself out here almost every day sitting by the fire. The air is still crisp and cold but the flames warm me and I find peace among those trees. 

You can see more of our outdoor living in this post. I cannot wait for warm summer days when we can pull out all the patio furniture and entertain. 

I hope you enjoyed glimpses of our home. This is the time to truly be thankful for our place of shelter. I hope your home feels like a safe haven. We are all experiencing so many emotions but I pray maybe today you saw a silver lining in your circumstances. I look forward to the day we can gather friends once again in our home but for now I’m so thankful that I have this extra time at home with my boys. Blessings to you all!!



  1. What a beautiful & peaceful place to social distance. Your home is just so incredibly gorgeous & a sanctuary for sure! I love every inch! Thanks for taking us on a tour!

  2. Draga mea,
    Cu dragoste si preocupare pentru frumos, putem obtine mai usor forta necesara trecerii peste obstacolele vietii.
    Ai o bucatarie si un loc de luat masa, superb. Tot spatiul de locuit este frumos, deasemenea conectarea cu natura, valoreaza mult.
    Sincere imbratisari, Mia

  3. Your home tour is just beautiful! Thanks for helping me to forget our situation for a few minutes. I would like to set up a spa in my bath- where did you get the shea moisture bar (the color is yummy) and the eucalyptus bath salts? Love your blog ! Peggy

  4. Wow, that was a lot, but it was so good! Welcome back too:). Sorry about your loss, I know first hand that it’s hard loosing a pup. Your home is amazing, what a lovely place to be quarantined, I especially love your hardwood floors, would you mind sharing what they are exactly? Thanks again for sharing the beautiful photos, stay safe and healthy.

  5. The most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen.I never tire of looking at it.I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Gucci.Pets are family members that we choose.The blog was perfectly timed and perfect.Keep up the good work during these difficult times.❤️😘👍🏻We can all enjoy some beauty and warmth and love at this time.

  6. We need to all look to what Silver Lining GOD has for us in ways of seeking Him in the beauty of the outside, not just in our homes.. if you can see a tree, a blue sky, even a blade of grass, a flowering bush, a smile from a family member whom is thankful to have someone in their life to go through this with. Silver linings come in small packages too. Sometimes it’s a gift dropped in your lap, other times it’s a treasure hunt, but do not be so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear Gucci. I know how much that hurts so I’m sending lots of virtual hugs to you!

    Thank you….for this incredibly beautiful post! Things are so trying right now that I’m so drawn to looking at pretty pictures rather than focusing on our challenges, so thank you for allowing my mind to relax, escape and dream of better days ahead! I need to replace our dining room rug so you’ve given me so much inspiration with the couple you show. Thanks for the sources! Your home is sublimely gorgeous! Xoxo

  8. Thanks for sharing your tour, I love your office so much……Curious did you ever put up the artwork you had posted i think you were deciding between two large pieces. Wondering if you had picked one yet?

    1. Hi Teya! I did end up with the large agave art print in my office but then ended up moving it to another room in our home. So now I’m back to a blank wall in the office again, lol. Good memory on your part! My goal is to get that wall and my office finished by summer. I’ll share on the blog when it’s complete.
      Stay well!

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful house with us. My husband is a home builder and custom cabinet maker in California and we are planning on remodeling our home and adding more square footage. Of course we are on hold right now due to the current situation. Our hearts go out to all those effected by this and pray the light at the end of the tunnel comes soon. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I came upon your account on Instagram before all this happened and loved it. I’ve actually have a bunch of your pics as some inspiration for our home. I’ve got binders of notes and such. I love all your tips too. I’m making sure I’m ready to go and have everything figured out so when we can pick up where we left off I’m ready. Your home is a true inspiration. I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Amy, thank you for your sweet words. I’m so happy our home has been an inspiration for your own. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well at this time.

  10. Hi! You have a stunningly beautiful home!
    We’re looking into building, and the pics are very inspiring!
    What are the specifics of your floors?

    Stay safe!

  11. What a beautiful home!!! Thanks for welcoming us into your lovely home.
    I noticed that your baseboards are taller than usual, but I find that they add a subtle but distinct beauty to the home. How tall are your baseboards? We are building a home with 10 foot ceilings on the main level and are planning to put taller baseboards. We are going for 9 inch baseboards. Do you think that this might be too tall? Thanks.

    1. Hi Edward, thank you for the compliment! Our ceilings are 12 ft so we went with a more substantial baseboard of 1 ft. I think a taller baseboard looks great with taller ceilings.

  12. Beautiful home! I find myself coming back to your website for design inspiration. We are in the process of designing our home however we will need to have upper kitchen cabinets for storage. If you had decided to do uppers, what colour would you have chosen to go with for your kitchen?

  13. Your home is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! If you don’t mind me asking, what is the paint finish for your Tricorn walls and doors?
    Continue to stay safe during this time.🖤

  14. You are bringing me back to life right now. I just stumbled onto your site and I feel like I have struck GOLD. We lost our home in the Napa fires, and on top of homeschooling my 3 boys right now with the shelter in place, I am having to press forward and continue with the re- build. You have amazing taste and as I read your blog and questions came to mind, I scrolled down and they were all answered, that never happens. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I would love to know the height and thickness of your baseboard. Also…….if you are getting bored at home, could I send you a picture of my trusses that went in yesterday, and get your opinion on how I should do lighting?? 50′ great room, 18 foot ceilings, trying to do the industrial modern u-shape farmhouse.
    Today has been the best day (finding you). Stay safe

    1. Hi Mary, thank you for reading the blog and I’m happy it has inspired you! I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your home. How exciting to be rebuilding a new home! Unfortunately, I do not give any design advise outside of my client projects. I hope you can understand. To answer your question regarding our baseboards, they are 1 ft tall.
      Hope you and your family are well during these current times.

  15. This lovely home is perfection. It is such a crazy time in the world today.
    My condolences on losing your sweet furbaby. It was so relatable reading your journey with Gucci. I am sure it has been so hard and lonely for Kodak. Its nice that he has everyone home right now to love on him.
    I have combed every inch of your Instagram posts and on your blog to locate the porcelain tile surrounding your black shiplap fireplace with no luck. Do you have a link or source to your tile surround to your familyroom fireplace?
    Stay well!

    1. Hi Febe,
      Thank you for your kinds words and condolences. Appreciate it!
      The tile surrounding our fireplace is from Floor and Decor but unfortunately I don’t recall the name of it. It was a large tile we had cut down to size.

  16. Thank you for sharing your home with me. I am wondering about the cabinetry in your kitchen, as well as the shelving. Is it rift sawn white oak? Is it stained or bleached to make it lighter than its natural shade? Thank you!
    Rachel, Bloomington

  17. A question regarding you beautiful French oak floors. Now that you have lived with them awhile how hard are they to keep clean ? Also because they don’t have beveled edges and are straight and hand cut do you have any issues with splintering. My reason for asking is I have been wanting to put these in my condo in Tennessee I have read reviews on on them and these are the bases of complaints. But I suspect many were installed poorly. You are the first person I’ve found I could ask questions to. So thank you for allowing everyone to see your masterpiece of a home.

    1. Hi Lynn, we love our hardwood floors and have found that they are low maintenance as far as showing dirt. Keep in mind me do not wear shoes in our house but we do have a rambunctious labradoodle that runs all over them and they haven’t scratched.

      Thank you for the compliments to our home! Appreciate it!

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